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Revenue Sharing

We understand that success isn't achieved in isolation; it's a collective effort that encompasses not only our team but also the dedicated individuals who believe in our vision. As we pave the path towards revolutionizing crypto industry with augmented reality, our revenue sharing initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to meaningful collaboration and shared growth.
Elyssa's revenue sharing model is a multifaceted approach that addresses the dynamic nature of our ecosystem and the evolving needs of our community. Comprising five pivotal revenue streams—namely, In-app Purchases, Premium Applications, Advertising, Services, and Augmented Reality NFTs—our model ensures that the rewards of our achievements reverberate across the spectrum of our token holders.
Elyssa Ecosystem Revenue Streams

Phase 1

In the early stages, during Phase 1, where monthly revenue remains under $20,000, our approach is marked by simplicity and direct engagement. All generated funds will flow into an escrow wallet. Through a monthly live event, we distribute profits in $ETH to those holding over 0.2% of the $ELY token supply, transparently aligning reward with involvement.

Phase 2

Transitioning into Phase 2, as Elyssa's reach extends and monthly revenue surpasses the $20,000 mark, our model will embrace broader participation through a staking pool on the UNCX platform. Here, every $ELY token holder will gain the opportunity to stake their tokens, irrespective of their supply proportion. This shift will enable each member of our community to have a stake in our collective prosperity.
The rewards within the staking pool will be thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse preferences. Stakers will be able to choose between $ETH and $ELY token rewards, with the flexibility to balance their allocation based on personal strategies. Variable Annual Percentage Yields (APY) will ensure that rewards reflect the evolving scale of our revenue, providing an attractive and meaningful return on engagement.