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Special Perks

While revenue sharing remains the cornerstone of $ELY token utility, a few exclusive benefits await token holders who hold 0.2% or more of the $ELY token supply. These distinct advantages reflect our commitment to building a robust ecosystem and rewarding dedicated investors. The Special Perks list will be expanded as our ecosystem grows.

Token Airdrops

As a first mover in this field, Elyssa has become a beacon for collaboration. A few developers have already reached out to us, and this trend will continue. Through strategic partnerships, we will offer guidance to emerging projects, to help them navigate the uncharted waters of augmented reality.
In exchange for our support, Elyssa will secure a stipulated token allocation. These acquired tokens will be airdropped to the wallets who possess over 0.2% of the $ELY supply. This meticulous distribution ensures authenticity and safeguards against manipulation.

Free Access to Premium Applications

Those who hold 0.2% or more of the $ELY supply will unlock the door to all of the premium apps: Ethereal, Mirra, and Venture. This is more than a mere gesture; it's an incentive that honors commitment. $ELY token holders who pay for premium apps will receive a refund—ushered directly into their wallets, alongside their $ELY holdings.

Beta Testing

Beginning with the forthcoming app, Ethereal, a beta testing phase will emerge. Those possessing 0.2% or more of the $ELY supply will gain exclusive entry into the beta testing group, where they will be able to experience and help us shape our apps before they are released in GooglePlay and AppStore. Beta testing will be supported across Android and iOS operating systems. This initiative positions $ELY token holders as integral contributors to refining and enhancing our offerings.